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How much water is good for us?

Water is good for you

We all know that water (H2O) is a vital form of mass we as human and all living creatures alike need to drink to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Too much of it can hurt us and too little of it can be harmful to us as well.

The biggest questions many of you may have is the how much is enough or recommended on a daily basis? and which type of water is best for us? So let's talk about this.

The answer to the first question of how much water to intake on a daily basis really depends on your sex and age. The following guideline is what is recommended on a daily basis but because everyone consumes water differently, it may differ. People consume water through eating fruits, sodas, drinks and juices as well as consumption from foods like soups and foods that have some form of hydration even including the pasta you had for dinner last night. But the general rule of thumb is the following. (In Ounces)

Infants 0-6 Months: 24 Ounces (Including Breast Milk)

Infants 7-12 Months: 27 ounces (Including Breast Milk)

Children 1-3 Years: 44 Ounces (Including formulas and Milk)

Children 4-8 Years: 58 Ounces (Including formulas and Milk)

Boys 9-13 Years: 81 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Girls 9-13 Years: 71 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Boys 14-18 Years: 112 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Girls 14-18 Years: 79 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Men 19-Up: 125 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Women 19-Up: 91 Ounces (Including juices and drinks)

Of course, they are the recommended amount of daily water intake but will differ based on different lifestyles and food intake habits. So the best option is to drink water enough to quench your thirst and avoid drinking sugar diluted water where possible. The worst think when drinking water is consuming too much at once as there have been cases where deaths occurred due to water intoxication. Be smart and drink water portions at a time throughout your day.

Hope this recommendation helps.

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