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Yoga During Pregnancy. Natural Healing.

Yoga gained popularity in the West during the 20th century but history suggests it dates back to around the 5th or the 6th century.
Congratulations to you as a soon to be mother of a newborn. During your pregnancy, you are in control and should always try your hardest to keeping and maintaining a very well balanced and healthy lifestyle in the foods you eat as well as keeping your body to maintain the best practical state of physical and mental health so that the outcome of your birth can be the most joyful moment of your life as well as for the newborn baby. But your primary concern should also focus on avoiding any potential damage to your body and mental health from strenuous physical excercise and daily stressful events.
One of the best methods to maintain your body in a very soothing and relaxing environment is to practice yoga. Yoga in a general viewpoint is the practice of maintaining one's physical, mental and spiritual well bring as a discipline to maintain and promote a well balanced healthy lifestyle. Mastering the meditation and control of your breathing can help deliver the best healthy and comfortable results during the actual birth stage as well and promotes a faster recovery process after birth.

So here are some list of benefits and precautions when practicing yoga during pregnancy. (Source: Yoga During Pregnancy - Benefits and Precautions - Various Articles by Yoga Therapists)
  • Stability and healthy mental well being

  • Loosens tensions in the body and muscles to promote relaxed physical state of one's body

  • Promotes healthier development of the fetus

  • Improved overall blood circulation of the body

  • Prevention of excessive weight gains

  • Straigtens the spine and pelvis areas for natural childbirth

  • Start after 13th-15th week of pregnancy

  • Always lightly stretch before and after each yoga session

  • Avoid any strenuous movements and postures such as jumping or upside down positions

  • Practice yoga sessions in an environment where the air is clear and clean and quiet and peaceful

  • Stop immediately if you feel any pains or experience difficulties in breathing

  • Consult with a professional yoga expert before starting

Healing one's body and mental health the natural way is by far the most powerful and best effective method and yoga is one good methodic practice to help with this.
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