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Oriental Medicine Natural Healing

Oriental medicine is 3,000 years old.
Stemming back to over 3,000 years, Oriental medicine is a form of a medical system using acupuncture and natural herbs and spices to heal the human body. It is also widespread throughout Asia and Europe and has become popular in the United States as well.
If Western medicine is considered to be driven by synthetic science, Oriental medicine is driven by pure form of natural healing using everything beneficial that mother nature has provided for us and is the precursor of Western medicine. Many people may still be skeptical and trust Western medicine simply due to the environment that we live in. However, Oriental medicine is known to be the ultimate form of medicine in many Asian countries that treats acute and chronic conditions of the human body. It is holistic in the approach and addresses the physical, mental as well as the emotional aspects of the human body.
Oriental medicine treats and cures acute and chronic diseases by catering to being focused on using acupuncture, natural herbs and spices, moxibustion (use of herbal mugwort leaves on specific areas of the human body due to its heat properties promotes healing and to stop pains), cupping (use of suction cups applied to specific aread of the human body to stop pain and to improve circulation) as well as lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to achieve and assist in the healing process and to sustain a healthy well-being of a human body. Oriental medicine also rarely elicit side effects and is proven to be safe when practiced by a certified doctor. They are also very customized to react to specific conditions to adapt to allergic reactions as well as un-required areas to address. The benefitial aspects are very impressive as well with powerful results.
By: CELLSPA Staff (Oriental Medicine Research)
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