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CELLSPA® Advance-Pro CS-900 Dual Coil Array


The newly designed CELLSPA® Advance-Pro CS-900 Dual Coil Array is the first type of flat array designed for optimize performance. We have engineered a modern, advanced flat type of dual coil construction designed to optimize for detoxification experience.


Please do not add any salt in beginning. Please use clean filtered water. Never use well or spring water. This array only needs to put a small pinch of salt, about 1-2 grams. If too much salt is added, your machine can alarm and stop working. When the machine alarms or stops, please drain the water and redo with clean filtered water without any salt.


The CELLSPA® Advance-Pro CS-900 Dual Coil Array has standard ¼” plug, compatible with most ionic machines. With proper cleaning care, the CELLSPA® Advance-Pro CS-900 Dual Coil Array can last for 50-60 sessions.


Please follow the cleaning care guideline below. Drain and Rinse Please unplug the CS-900 Dual Coil Array from the foot bath detox machine, drain the water from basin and rinse the main part of the array. Both basin and array should be rinsed thoroughly after each use.


How to clean the Advance-Pro CS-900 Dual Coil Array


Please use two squirts of liquid dish soaps to clean the array with one gallon of clean water in the sink. Use a soft scrubber brush or an old toothbrush to clean the inside holes of the array.


Please drain the water from the sink after the cleaning and rinse off with the clean running water until the bubble residues has been cleared. Please make sure to have the water drained from the CS-900 Dual Coil Array in a clean towel.


For better drying, you can use the hair dryer to completely drying off the moisture inside the array. This Array will only fit with machines with 1/4" plug type. Please check the plug type before purchase.

Cell Spa CS-900 Twice Powerful 6.5" x 5.5" Ion Detox Foot Bath Array

SKU: CA-900A
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